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How The Whole Thing Started...

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A little history

I vividly still remember, sitting there - with a surge of anticipation and nervous energy, my finger hovering over the “publish” button. I couldn’t help but feel a swirl of emotions.

For about two months, I had so badly wanted to start a website. I had planned, decided on the name - registered it, chosen the webhost, designed the website, installed plugins...

Countless hours of brainstorming, researching, writing, editing and rewriting was about to take its first steps into the digital realm...

I had poured my thoughts onto the virtual pages, refining sentences to capture the essence of the vision. The process of building the website and then crafting the first article had been a roller coaster of excitement, self-doubt, and determination. I was beginning to understant, "what it truely takes to start and build a successful website!"

Finally "Clicking" Publish

When the article was ready, with one deep breath, I finally clicked “publish”. What made it all the more real was the act of me sending a link to my wife’s phone; grabbing it and lightly "tapping" the link I had just sent. It opened, and seeing a page right there in front of me. It was truly magical!

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There was no turning back now – my thoughts were out there for the world to see. Wondering where my words would travel, and whose lives they might touch – I was on the precipice of something life changing.


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From the inception of the idea; to the selection of what I thought was the perfect domain name, the best hosting and designing a user-friendly website layout – every step had been infused with a mix of creativity and meticulous planning.

Additionally, my general awareness of the instantaneous nature of the internet made it the more exhilarating and daunting. Taking another deep breath, and refreshing the page once more, with eyes glued to the computer screen; anxiously I waited for comments to begin to trickle in.

Did they come trickling in?
Certainly not. It has now been about 40 plus days since; and more important lessons have learnt.

I will sum them up with these words, "In the realm of mastery, these three words: Practice - Makes - Perfect hold profound wisdom"

It's only through dedicated repetition, that we can refine skills and cultivate talents. This is the way we get closer to perfection. Should I say I'm getting better at the game?

Since wittyauthentics.com is undoubtfully a growing business, this article will likewise continue to be updated to cater for the later achievements.

Overall, how did wittyauthentics start?

The answer is emphatically - FROM SCRATCH!

The countless hours of brainstorming, researching, writing, editing, rewriting, and proof reading resulted into the following comprehensive guides & articles:

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  1. That first step to envisioned ideas is always critical. Glad you did… Now, looking forward to future posts… Keep going… The first route opener has captivated me…

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