AIRELUXE: Elevate Your Hair Care Routine

Indulge in salon-quality results without the need for an appointment with the AIRELUXE Professional Hair Dryer Set. Designed to deliver professional drying power while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated, the AIRELUXE is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their hair care routine.

Professional Drying Power with T3 RapidAire IQ Technology

Powered by T3 RapidAire IQ Technology, the AIRELUXE provides rapid drying that is gentle on your hair. Its wide, ion-rich airflow cuts dry time in half while retaining up to 60% more of your hair's natural moisture. With 15 digital heat and speed combinations, the AIRELUXE ensures healthy styling for all hair types.

Healthy Styling for All Hair Types

The AIRELUXE isn't just about drying your hair quickly—it's also about leaving it soft, glossy, and salon-worthy. Its powerful ion generator saturates airflow with 10 million

negative ions per second, leaving your hair feeling salon-soft and looking glossy.

The Total Package: AIRELUXE Professional Hair Dryer Set

As the total package, the AIRELUXE comes with the T3 Detangle Brush and T3 Volume 2.5 round brush for easy prep and next-level blowouts. Treat yourself to the luxury of salon-quality hair care with the AIRELUXE Professional Hair Dryer Set.