Building a Drone from Scratch at Home 

This is how I got into the project of building a drone from scratch at home...

My son came home one day from school and asked me for a small motor. "Why?" I asked him, genuinely intrigued. His eyes lit up with excitement as he explained, "I want to make a drone!" As a parent, you're often presented with opportunities to nurture your child's interests and help them explore their passions.

This request was a unique one, but it immediately struck a chord with me. The prospect of building a drone from scratch seemed like an exciting and educational adventure for both of us. Wasting no time, we began with research.


We spent countless hours poring over online resources, learning about the various components that make up a drone. Exploring aerodynamics and electronics, we discovered – it wasn’t just about assembling parts. The project required an understanding of the science behind flight, intricacies of motors, and the importance of balance and stability.

The information we gathered indicated, we needed the following:


This would hold all the components together. The frame could be purchased or built from materials like lightweight wood or carbon fiber.


At least 4 No. Brushless motors were needed. We’d made up our minds to make a quadcopter, one for each arm of the quadcopter.

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)

We also needed ESCs. These would control the speed of the motors. We’d to ensure they matched the specifications of your motors.

Flight Controller

This is the "brain" of the drone, responsible for stabilizing and controlling the flight. Popular options include Arduino-based flight controllers or dedicated flight controller boards.


We also needed propellers – four of them, one for each motor. They match the size and type recommended for your motors.

Battery and Charger

We’d to select a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery and an appropriate charger. We had to ensure they were compatible with your drone's components.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver

To allow us to control the drone remotely, we had to acquire a reliable and compatible system of radio transmitter and receiver.

Power Distribution Board

A board to distribute power from the battery to the various components.

Wiring and Connectors

We needed various wires, soldering equipment, and connectors to connect all the components.

Thinking of the future:

If we needed to, in the future to add these extra features:
GPS for autonomous flight,
A camera for aerial photography, or
A gimbal for stable camera shots.

Then, we'd go for them (We skipped them).

Our research gave birth to:

The shopping experience:

We couldn’t find any drone kits on Jumia. Amazon had a couple of them, but they were quite expensive – so I decided to repurpose old gadgets to gather some components.

Dismantling an old remote-controlled car, we carefully picked out the control board, remote control and batteries. We secured propellers and other components from one of the electronic shops with the city. We were just ready to get on with building a drone from scratch at home.


Assembling our DIY drone:

The assembly process was a true test of our patience and teamwork. Tiny screws, delicate wiring, and intricate soldering required meticulous attention to detail. It was during these moments that my son's persistence and dexterity shone through.

As I guided him through the process, I watched with pride as he meticulously put the pieces together.
This phase was a testament to the power of hands-on learning, as my son grasped complex concepts through trial and error. The moment of truth arrived when we powered up our creation for the first time. The propellers whirred to life, and our drone hovered above the ground, responding to our carefully calibrated controls.

The sense of accomplishment in that moment was palpable. We had turned a pile of components into a functional flying machine

Becoming a source of wonder and awe...

Our homemade drone has since become a source of wonder and inspiration for our family and friends. It's a testament to the possibilities that lie within our reach when we dare to dream and take on challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

This journey taught us that education extends far beyond the walls of a classroom. It's found in the hands-on experiences, the moments of discovery, and the shared triumphs of a project completed together.

So, the next time your child comes home with a seemingly wild idea, consider diving in headfirst. You might just find yourself on an unforgettable adventure of your own.

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