Drone models starting with letters A to J along with their respective websites or reliable sources:

1. Parrot Anafi:
Parrot Anafi is a foldable drone designed for aerial photography enthusiasts. With its 4K HDR camera mounted on a 180-degree gimbal, this drone captures stunningly vivid and detailed footage. Furthermore, it offers 2.8x lossless zoom functionality, allowing you to capture distant subjects with precision. Equipped with a durable battery that ensures 25 minutes of flight time, this drone is perfect for capturing breathtaking aerial shots.

Website: Parrot Anafi

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2. Potensic D85:
The Potensic D85 boasts an innovative brushless motor that provides powerful propulsion, resulting in a stable flight experience. With a maximum control range of 1,500 meters, this drone is excellent for long-distance flight exploration.

Its 2K Ultra HD camera offers exceptional image quality, while the integrated GPS module ensures accurate positioning and intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me and Waypoint Planning. The Potensic D85 guarantees an enjoyable and intelligent piloting experience.

3. Potensic Dreamer Pro:
Designed specifically for professional aerial photographers and videographers, the Potensic Dreamer Pro packs an impressive punch. The 4K UHD camera, stabilized on a 3-axis gimbal, delivers awe-inspiring imagery. This drone excels at night photography, thanks to its excellent low-light capabilities.

Boasting a whopping 31 minutes of flight time, the Dreamer Pro provides ample opportunities to capture stunning shots. Its advanced obstacle avoidance system and intelligent follow modes make it one of the top choices for professionals.

4. Potensic T25:
The Potensic T25 is an ideal drone for beginners and hobbyists, offering an array of features at an affordable price. Equipped with a 1080p camera, it captures decent aerial footage for those seeking entry-level aerial photography. The T25 also incorporates GPS and an altitude hold function, ensuring stable flights. Its intuitive one-button takeoff and landing feature, along with automatic return home functionality, make it user-friendly and convenient for beginners.