Parrot ANAFI Ai Drone: Comprehensive Review

In a world where aerial imaging technology continues to push boundaries, the Parrot ANAFI Ai drone stands out as a remarkable innovation in the field of aerial photography. With its cutting-edge design and impressive flight performance, this drone is poised to redefine the way we capture stunning visuals from the sky.

In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the Parrot ANAFI Ai drone, including but not limited to its design and build, flight performance, imaging system, video and photo specifications, stabilization & Control features, connectivity & autonomous flight...

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1. Design and Build

The Parrot ANAFI Ai drone boasts an aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic design, ensuring optimal stability and efficiency during flight. With dimensions of 304 x 130 x 118 mm when folded and 320 x 440 x 118 mm when unfolded, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance.

Built with lightweight materials, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and durability. Weighing just 898 grams, or 1.98 pounds, it's remarkably lightweight without compromising durability.

The sleek and compact construction makes it easy to carry, while the robust frame guarantees resilience against accidental bumps or crashes. With a foldable design, this drone becomes incredibly compact, allowing for hassle-free transportation and storage.

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Parrot professional drones are used and trusted globally by the world’s most demanding Organizations?

The FBI, the NCIS, the US ARMY, and the British Army all use Parrot drones!

2. Flight Performance/Experience

Equipped with powerful propulsion and advanced flight control systems, the Parrot ANAFI Ai drone offers exceptional flight performance. Ready to fly in just 60 seconds, the ANAFI Ai wastes no time in getting off the ground. Its high-speed motors and efficient propellers enable it to achieve smooth and stable flights even in challenging weather conditions.

With a maximum flight time of 32 minutes and a maximum horizontal speed of 16 m/s (34 mph), it offers extended flight capabilities and swift maneuverability. Its maximum vertical speed of 4 m/s (9 mph) ensures smooth ascents and descents, while its impressive wind resistance of up to 14 m/s (31.3 mph) ensures stability even in challenging weather conditions.

Thanks to its intelligent flight modes, pilots can easily navigate through various environments while enjoying an unparalleled level of control and precision. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring hobbyist, this drone offers an immersive flying experience unlike any other.

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3. Imaging System

The Parrot ANAFI Ai drone takes aerial photography to new heights with its sophisticated imaging system. At the heart of this drone lies its powerful imaging system, equipped with a 1/2’’ 48MP CMOS sensor and a dynamic range of 14 EV in HDR mode.

The optical LD-ASPH (low dispersion aspheric lens) with an aperture of f/2.0 delivers stunning image quality, while the 35 mm focal equivalent of 24 mm ensures expansive and immersive shots.

With an ISO range of 50 to 6400 and electronic shutter speed ranging from 1/15 s to 1/10000 s, it excels in capturing clear, vibrant and breathtaking panoramic shots and immersive footage in various lighting conditions.

4. Video and Photo Specifications

With the Parrot ANAFI Ai drone, content creators have access to an impressive array of video and photo specifications. ANAFI Ai supports video resolutions of up to 4K UHD (3840x2160) at 24/25/30 fps, as well as 1080p (1920x1080) at 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps. It also offers HDR 10 and HDR 8 capabilities for enhanced dynamic range and clarity.

With a horizontal field of view (HFOV) of 68° and a maximum video bandwidth of 200 Mbps, it delivers breathtakingly smooth and detailed footage. Additionally, its photo capabilities are equally impressive, with resolutions of up to 48 MP (8000x6000) and support for formats such as JPEG and DNG (Digital NeGative RAW).

From documenting breathtaking landscapes to capturing life's most precious moments, this drone offers creative possibilities that are limited only by one's imagination.

With its impressive flight capabilities, and advanced imaging system, the ANAFI Ai is truly a game-changer in the world of drones!

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5. Stabilization and Control

The Parrot ANAFI Ai drone is equipped with advanced stabilization and control features that ensure professional-level results. Equipped with 6-axis stabilization, including mechanical and electronic stabilization, the ANAFI Ai ensures steady and shake-free footage in any situation.

Its controllable gimbal tilt range of -90° to +90° allows for versatile framing options, while its intuitive controls make it easy to navigate and capture the perfect shot. Additionally, the intuitive and user-friendly control interface helps pilots of all skill levels to navigate effortlessly through various flight modes, making every aerial shot a work of art.

With state-of-the-art technology at its core, this drone empowers photographers and filmmakers to push the boundaries of creativity.

Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or enthusiast, this drone is sure to elevate your aerial photography and videography to new heights!

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6. Connectivity and Autonomous Flight
(Redefining Aerial Exploration)

a. Connectivity

The Parrot ANAFI Ai drone transcends the boundaries of traditional connectivity and autonomous flight, paving the way for unprecedented exploration and innovation. Furthermore, its worldwide LTE compatibility ensures uninterrupted connectivity regardless of location, opening up a world of possibilities for aerial exploration.

One of the key aspects that sets the Parrot ANAFI Ai apart is its exceptional connectivity. Leveraging the latest advancements in wireless technology, this drone allows users to effortlessly control and monitor its flight from a significant range. With its seamless Wi-Fi to 4G switch and streaming capabilities boasting low latency averaging at 300ms, users can experience real-time aerial perspectives like never before.

Furthermore, its worldwide LTE compatibility ensures uninterrupted connectivity regardless of location. Through this strong Wi-Fi connectivity and worldwide LTE compatibility, the Parrot ANAFI Ai ensures a seamless connection between the drone, remote controller, and smart devices, providing a stellar experience for both enthusiasts and professionals.

b. Autonomous Flight

Powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, the Parrot ANAFI Ai boasts intelligent autonomous flight capabilities. ANAFI Ai users are empowered with a suite of autonomous flight modes designed to streamline aerial missions with precision and efficiency.

From photogrammetry to flight planning, the drone offers single and double grid photogrammetry options, orbit capabilities, and customizable flight plans with multiple waypoints and points of interest. Its Cameraman feature enables automatic framing with visual tracking, ensuring dynamic and captivating footage every time.

Parrot ANAFI Ai's intelligent flight modes offer a new level of convenience and creativity.

Additionally, Smart Return to Home (RTH) allows users to customize return altitude for added control and safety. With precise object detection and avoidance systems, this drone can navigate its surroundings with remarkable accuracy, mitigating the risk of collisions and accidents.

8. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

In an era defined by concerns over data privacy and security, Parrot has gone above and beyond to safeguard user information. The ANAFI Ai prioritizes cybersecurity and data privacy, ensuring user confidentiality and protection against potential threats. This is achieved by implementing robust cybersecurity measures, utilizing encrypted transmission protocols to protect your drone's data from unauthorized access.

Zero data is shared without user consent, and the drone features FIPS140-2 compliant and CC EAL5+ certified Secure Elements for enhanced security. Strong authentication for 4G connectivity and digitally signed pictures further reinforce data integrity, while continuous security checks and bug bounty programs ensure ongoing vigilance against potential vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the drone allows users to maintain full control over their data, giving them the assurance that their sensitive information remains secure.

9. Parrot Skycontroller 4 Remote

The Parrot Skycontroller 4 remote, a powerful companion to the ANAFI Ai drone enhances the ANAFI Ai's usability and control, providing users with a seamless and intuitive piloting experience. With its comprehensive layout and ergonomic design, this remote provides intuitive control over the drone's flight, camera settings, and autonomous flight modes.

With dimensions of 238 x 147 x 55 mm (without terminal) and a maximum size of 310 x 147 x 55 mm, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. The remote's compatibility with smartphones and tablets up to 8 inches, along with its versatile port options, make it a versatile companion for aerial exploration.

Dust-resistant construction (IP5X) ensures durability even in challenging environments, further solidifying its reliability in the field.

The Parrot ANAFI Ai drone represents the epitome of connectivity, autonomy, and security in aerial exploration!

The Parrot ecosystem extends beyond just the drone itself, encompassing a range of intelligent accessories, applications, and development tools designed to enhance the user experience and unlock new possibilities in aerial exploration and innovation.

The Power Behind the Parrot Ecosystem...

10. Drone Smart Battery

At the heart of the Parrot ecosystem lies the Drone Smart Battery, a high-density lithium polymer power source engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The Parrot ANAFI Ai's smart battery pack is engineered for extended flight durations, ensuring that your exploration and aerial missions are not hindered by limited power.

With a capacity of 6800 mAh and a voltage of 4.4 V, this battery boasts an impressive energy density of 262 Wh/kg. With its optimized power management system, this intelligent battery offers an impressive flight time and provides ample power for extended flight missions.

The inclusion of a USB-C charging port ensures convenient and efficient charging, while its lightweight construction, weighing just 366 g (0.81 lb), minimizes added payload weight without compromising on power. With a maximum charging power of 45 W, users can quickly replenish the battery between flights, maximizing uptime and productivity in the field.

11. Parrot FreeFlight 7 Application

The Parrot FreeFlight 7 application serves as the command center for the Parrot ecosystem, offering users a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities to enhance their aerial experience.

Available as a free app with no subscription fee, FreeFlight 7 is accessible to all users and compatible with iOS 12 and higher, ensuring broad accessibility across Apple devices. The app provides an intuitive platform for piloting the Parrot ANAFI Ai drone, accessing advanced flight settings, and capturing stunning aerial imagery and video.

Additionally, FreeFlight 7 offers access to three free 3D models courtesy of PIX4Dcloud, enabling users to explore and interact with immersive digital landscapes.

12. Parrot SDK

For developers and enthusiasts looking to extend the capabilities of their Parrot drone, the Parrot SDK offers a powerful set of tools and resources for application and firmware development.

The Air SDK provides a comprehensive robotic framework for building custom drone applications, while the Ground SDK offers iOS and Android development kits for creating mobile apps tailored to specific user needs.

OpenFlight serves as the open-source core of FreeFlight 7, allowing developers to customize and extend the functionality of the app to suit their requirements.

Other components of the Parrot SDK include Sphinx, a 3D realistic environment simulator for testing and simulation, Olympe, a Python controller programming interface for low-level drone control, and PDrAW, a video viewer for pipeline implementation.


The Parrot ecosystem combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to deliver a seamless and immersive aerial experience.

Whether piloting the drone, capturing breathtaking imagery, or developing custom applications, users can rely on the power and versatility of the Parrot ecosystem to fuel their creativity and exploration in the sky.

13. Parrot Anafi Ai's Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Technology

Parrot Anafi Ai is revolutionizing drone safety and autonomy with its cutting-edge obstacle avoidance system. Leveraging a sophisticated 3D environment perception grid, Anafi Ai ensures enhanced safety during both autonomous and manual flights, intelligently recognizing and avoiding potential obstacles in real-time.

From branches to buildings (and in scenarios where visibility may be compromised), the ANAFI Ai ensures a safe flying experience, even in challenging situations.

a. Predictive Trajectory Analysis

Anafi Ai constantly analyzes the 3D environment surrounding it and predicts its trajectory over a short time horizon. This predictive analysis, occurring every 30 milliseconds, considers user inputs, waypoint directives, and pre-set flight paths to determine the optimal flight trajectory.

This technology allows the drone to anticipate potential obstacles along its flight path by analyzing the environment and making adjustments accordingly.

b. Real-Time Collision Avoidance

Real-time collision avoidance further enhances the ANAFI Ai's ability to safely operate in dynamic environments. Using a simulated internal drone model, Anafi Ai's replanning algorithm calculates precise adjustments to the predicted trajectory to ensure collision-free flight.

These adjustments are dynamically computed to navigate around obstacles while maintaining the feasibility of the flight plan.

c. Performance and Limitations

While the Parrot ANAFI Ai showcases remarkable technological advancements, it's important to understand its performance capabilities and limitations. Anafi Ai's obstacle avoidance system can effectively handle speeds of up to 8 m/s horizontally, 4 m/s during ascent, and 3 m/s during descent.

However, adverse weather conditions such as rain or strong winds, low light environments, or disrupted satellite navigation signals may affect its performance, so it's crucial to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines to avoid any mishaps.

d. Maintenance and Pre-flight Checks

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the Parrot ANAFI Ai, regular maintenance and pre-flight checks are essential. Before each flight, it is advisable to inspect the drone for any physical damage, clean the lens and propellers, and ensure all software and firmware are up to date. Additionally, pilots should be aware of the system's limitations and exercise caution when operating in challenging conditions. Also, calibrating the ANAFI Ai's sensors prior to each flight enhances its stability and precision.

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14. ANAFI Ai: Pros & Cons

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance
ANAFI Ai features sophisticated obstacle avoidance capabilities, providing additional safety during autonomous missions and manual flight.

Real-time Trajectory Prediction
With the ability to predict the nominal trajectory and compute corrections for collision-free and feasible flight, ANAFI Ai offers enhanced precision and control.

High Speed Handling
The drone can handle speeds up to 8 m/s horizontally, 4 m/s ascending, and 3m/s descending, ensuring agility and responsiveness.

Enhanced Safety Features
Designed to operate even in challenging conditions, ANAFI Ai's obstacle avoidance works effectively in various scenarios, although its performance may be limited in certain environments.

Clean Lens Requirement

The drone incorporates a feature that reminds users to ensure the lenses of the perception system are clean before flying, enhancing overall image quality and obstacle detection.

Performance Limitations
While ANAFI Ai boasts impressive obstacle avoidance capabilities, its performance may be restricted in conditions such as rainy or windy weather, low light, or disrupted satellite navigation environments.

Environment Dependency
The effectiveness of obstacle avoidance and overall flight safety can be influenced by external factors, such as the cleanliness of the perception system's lenses and the availability of clear line of sight between the pilot and the drone.

Operational Constraints
Users may need to be mindful of the drone's operational limitations and environmental dependencies to ensure optimal performance and safety during flight.

15. Parrot ANAFI Ai technical Parameters


Folded: 304 x 130 x 118 mm
Unfolded: 320 x 440 x 118 mm

Weight: 898 g / 1.98 lb

Flight Time: 32 min,

Maximum Horizontal: 16 m/s – 34 mph
Maximum Vertical Speed: 4 m/s – 9 mph,

Maximum Wind Resistance: 14 m/s – 31.3 mph during flight & 12 m/s – 26.8 mph during take-off and landing,

Maximum Propeller Speed: 10,000 rpm,

Service Ceiling: 5,000 m (above sea level),

Operating Temperatures: -10°C to 40°C

IP Rating: dust and rain resistant

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(Redefining Drone Excellence)

The Parrot ANAFI Ai drone redefines what is possible in the realm of aerial photography. Boasting an impressive design and build, exceptional flight performance, an advanced imaging system, and an array of video and photo specifications, this drone is a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With its advanced stabilization and control features...


Starting with its compact and lightweight build, Anafi Ai's foldable design makes it incredibly portable without compromising on performance. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, allowing pilots to take on any mission with confidence.

Moving on to its imaging system, Anafi Ai boasts a powerful 48MP CMOS sensor and advanced optical lens, delivering stunningly detailed photos and videos in both daylight and low-light conditions. With 4K UHD resolution and HDR capabilities, Anafi Ai captures every moment with exceptional clarity and dynamic range.

Furthermore, Anafi Ai's intelligent obstacle avoidance system sets new standards for safety and autonomy in drone technology. By constantly analyzing its surroundings and predicting potential obstacles, Anafi Ai ensures smooth and collision-free flights, even in challenging environments.

Overall, Parrot Anafi Ai represents a true milestone in the evolution of drones, redefining excellence in design, performance, and innovation. Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or drone enthusiast, Anafi Ai empowers you to push the boundaries of creativity and exploration with unparalleled ease and precision.

Parrot has once again propelled the drone industry forward with the ANAFI Ai – a sophisticated and intelligent flying companion!

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