PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard

The PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard is a groundbreaking device that combines the functionality of a drone with the convenience of a handheld gimbal camera.

By James Acaye

Published On 4/03/2024

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Unleash your creativity with the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard drone!

Let's dive into the key highlights of the PowerEgg X Wizard that make it stand out from the crowd.

✔️ Autonomous Personal AI Camera Mode

The PowerEgg X boasts impressive face recognition capabilities, continuously improving its accuracy through deep learning. This allows it to effortlessly follow subjects when taking photos or recording videos. The intelligent composition mode enhances the overall photography experience, ensuring that every shot is perfectly framed.

✔️ Remote Sound Pickup SyncVoice Technology

Equipped with PowerVision's SyncVoice technology, the PowerEgg X can capture high-fidelity sound using a mobile phone's microphone or wireless headphones. It then automatically synchronizes the audio with the pictures, ensuring that your videos have crisp, clear sound.

The PowerEgg X is the world's first drone that can pick up sound using SyncVoice technology!

✔️ Face Recognition + Deep Learning

PowerVision's deep learning technology is based on a vast database of non-identifiable global big data. This enables the PowerEgg X to deliver accurate and efficient facial recognition, as well as automatic composition adjustments tailored to different individuals. With ongoing deep learning and firmware upgrades, facial recognition becomes increasingly intelligent and precise.

✔️ Automatic Composition

The PowerEgg X's camera offers an impressive field of view of up to 170°, ensuring that it can capture a wide range of scenes, from indoor selfies to outdoor sports activities. The camera also has the ability to automatically track a subject, even if it momentarily moves out of frame and then back in.

✔️ Gesture Control

Commanding the PowerEgg X is as easy as making a gesture. Using a database of recognized gestures, the PowerEgg X supports multi-gesture intelligent recognition for various functions, including taking photos, recording videos, tracking subjects, and capturing group photos.

✔️ Hand-held Gimbal Camera Mode

The PowerEgg X is not just a drone; it also functions as a handheld gimbal camera. This mode allows you to capture moments on the go using its triaxial mechanical stability augmentation gimbal and Autonomous Personal AI Camera, ensuring smooth and stable footage.

✔️ 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The PowerEgg X features a 3-axis mechanical stability augmentation gimbal that efficiently filters out vibrations from external sources. This anti-shake effect enhances the quality of your photos and videos, delivering superior results compared to ordinary photography.

✔️ Industry-leading AI Processor

Equipped with a 13-core multiprocessor, 5-core high-performance CPU, single-core GPU, 4-core DSP, dual-core neural network engine booster, and single-core MCU, the PowerEgg X boasts a high hash rate of up to 4Tops. This advanced AI processor enhances the device's overall performance and efficiency.

✔️ Long Battery Life

With a battery life of up to 3.5 hours, the PowerEgg X allows you to capture life's moments without interruption. This extended battery life ensures that you never miss a shot, whether you're exploring the outdoors or documenting everyday life.

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✔️ Dynamic Drone Mode

In Drone Mode, the PowerEgg X transforms into a high-performance drone suitable for dynamic aerial photography. It features a 4K/60fps camera and triaxial mechanical gimbal for stable and high-quality footage. With a maximum wind speed resistance of 29-38 kph, it can fly stably in coastal or windy conditions, ensuring smooth and clear aerial shots.

✔️ Takeoff and Landing on Water

By installing waterproof accessories, the PowerEgg X can fly in the rain and smoothly take off and land on water. This feature makes it perfect for capturing stunning aerial shots of water sports events or for assisting in rescue investigations where traditional drones may not be able to operate.

✔️ Fly in the Rain

Designed to withstand heavy rain, the PowerEgg X is suitable for operation in harsh weather conditions, ensuring you can capture stunning shots regardless of the weather. No need to worry about cancelling your flights due to rain!

✔️ Automatic Obstacle Avoidance+Precise Landing

Equipped with front and bottom binocular depth measurement sensors, the PowerEgg X can detect obstacles up to 65 feet away in real-time, ensuring safe and precise landings every time.

✔️ Flight Duration of 30 Minutes

Despite its compact size, the PowerEgg X can fly for an impressive 30 minutes on a single charge. This extended flight time allows you to capture more footage without constantly having to worry about recharging.

✔️ 3.7 Miles HD Image Transmission

The PowerEgg X offers a remarkable 3.7 miles of high-definition image transmission, allowing you to see exactly what the drone sees in real-time. This feature is perfect for monitoring your shots and ensuring you capture the perfect aerial footage.

✔️ Intelligent In-App Editing

Not a professional videographer? No problem. The PowerEgg X comes with intelligent in-app editing features that make it easy for anyone to edit and share their videos. Whether you're filming from land, in the air, or on the water, this drone provides all the tools you need to create professional-looking videos that can be shared with friends and family.



The PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard drone is a groundbreaking innovation that redefines the possibilities of aerial photography. Its versatile design allows for seamless transitions between land, air, and water, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from capturing stunning landscapes to aiding in rescue missions. With features like takeoff and landing on water, the ability to fly in heavy rain, and automatic obstacle avoidance, the PowerEgg X offers unparalleled flexibility and performance. Additionally, its intelligent in-app editing capabilities ensure that even novice users can create professional-quality videos with ease.

Overall, the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard drone is a testament to the future of drone technology, offering users an unmatched level of functionality, performance, and convenience.

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James Acaye

Pros of the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizzard

✔️ Versatility

Can be used as both a drone and a handheld gimbal camera, offering flexibility in various shooting scenarios.

✔️ Intelligent Flight Modes

Offers a range of intelligent flight modes for easier and more dynamic aerial photography.

✔️ AI Processor

Features an industry-leading AI processor for enhanced performance and image processing.

✔️ Battery Life

Long battery life of up to 3.5 hours allows for extended use without frequent recharging.

✔️ Waterproof and Windproof

Can take off and land on water, and fly in rainy and windy conditions, expanding its usability.

✔️ Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with automatic obstacle avoidance and precise landing features for enhanced safety.

✔️ Sound Pickup

The world's first drone that can pick up sound, enabling synchronized audio with video recordings.

✔️ Flight Performance

Offers stable flight performance with a maximum wind speed resistance of 29-38 kph.

Cons of the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard drone

❌ Price

Can be expensive compared to other drones with similar features.

❌ Complexity

The range of features and capabilities may be overwhelming for beginners.

❌ Size and Weight

The PowerEgg X is larger and heavier than some other consumer drones, making it less portable.

❌ Learning Curve

Mastering all of its features and capabilities may require some time and effort.

❌ Availability of Accessories

Accessories such as waterproof kits may be necessary for certain functionalities, adding to the overall cost.

The PowerEgg X SPECS

The Aircraft

Weight: 1.2 lb

Dimension: 7× 4 × 4 in

Working Time: 4 hrs

Working Temperature: 32~104F

Working Frequency: FCC/IC: 2412~2462MHz, CE: 2412~2472MHz
(RRC: 2412~2472MH, MIC: 2412~2472MHz)

Transmission Power: CE(EIRP): ≤18.2dBm, FCC: ≤21dBm, IC: ≤21dBm,
(MIC: ≤10mw/MHz, SRRC(EIRP): ≤20dBm)

The Camera

Sensor: 1/2.8 inch, CMOS Effective Pixels 12MP+

Lens (FOV): 78.4°, Focal Length: 27mm, Aperture: f/1.8, Shooting Range: 1 m to ∞

ISO Range: Video - 100 – 3200, Photo - 100 – 6400
Shutter Speed (Electronic Shutter): 8–1/8000s

Max Image size: 4000×3000

Still Photography Modes: Single Photo, Burst shooting: 3/5/7 frames

Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias Interval: 3/5/7/10/15/30/60s

Video Resolution: 4K
(3840×2160 24/25/30/48/50/60p, FHD: 1920×1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p, HD:1280×720, 24/25/30/48/50/60/120/240p)

Max Video Bitrate: 75 Mbps

Supported File Systems: FAT32(≤32 GB); exFAT(>32 GB)

Photo Format: JPEG / RAW

Video Format: MP4 / MOV (H.265/H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

Internal Storage: 6G

Supported SD Card: Micro SD

Class 10 or UHS-3 rating required Max capacity: 128 GB

Drone Mode

Takeoff Weight: 1.9 lb

Pitch: 427.5mm

Maximum horizontal flight speed: 18m/s

Maximum takeoff altitude: 4000m



Mechanical Range(Drone Mode): Vertical:-90°~+20°

Mechanical Range(AI Camera Mode): Vertical:-90°~+20°, Horizontal:-55°~﹢55°

Remote Controller

Operating Frequency: FCC/IC:2412~2462MHz, CE:2412~2472MHz
(SRRC:2412~2472MHz, MIC:2412~2472MHz)

Max Transmission: FCC: 3.7 mi; CE: 1.85 mi; SRRC: 1.85 mi

Operating Temperature Range: 32~104F

Transmitting Power: CE(EIRP):≤18.3dBm, FCC:≤27dBm, IC:≤27dBm, (MIC:≤10mw/MHzSRRC(EIRP):≤20dBm)

Battery Capacity: 3500 mAh

Operating Current / Voltage: 1700 mA @ 3.7 V
(USB connected with mobile device)

Operating Current / Voltage: Lightning, Micro USB (Type-B), USB-C

Intelligent Battery

Energy: 43.32Wh

Capacity: 3800 mAh

Voltage: 11.4 V

Max Charging Voltage: 13.2V

Battery Type: LiPo 3S

Weight: 0.5 lb

Charging Temperature Range: 50~113F

Maximum Charging Power: 50W